It’s the object that your handler will receive as it’s only argument.

class pytlas.conversing.request.Request(agent: Agent, intent: pytlas.understanding.intent.Intent, module_translations: Dict[str, str] = None)

Tiny wrapper which represents a request sent to a skill handler.

_(text: str) → str

Gets the translated value of the given text.

Parameters:text (str) – Text to translate
Returns:Translated text or source text if no translation has been found
Return type:str
_d(date: datetime.datetime, date_only=False, time_only=False, **options) → str

Helper to localize given date using the agent current language.

  • date (datetime) – Date to format accordingly to the user language
  • date_only (bool) – Only format the date part
  • time_only (bool) – Only format the time part
  • options (dict) – Additional options such as format to give to Babel

Localized string representing the date

Return type:


agent = None

Agent proxy used to communicate back with the agent

id = None

Unique id of the request

intent = None

Intent associated with the request

lang = None

Request language as extracted from the agent