Metadata are entirely optional and are mostly use by the tiny skill manager of pytlas to list loaded skills with associated informations.

As a best practice however, you must include it in your skill to provide at least a description of what your skill do and what settings are expected.

from pytlas import meta, translations

# Here the function register will be called with a function used to translate
# a string.
# If you prefer, you can also returns a `pytlas.skill.Meta` instance and use `pytlas.skill.Setting` instance in the `settings` property.

def register(_): return {
  'name': _('lights'),
  'description': _('Control some lights'),
  'version': '1.0.0',
  'author': 'Julien LEICHER',
  'settings': [
    'lights.setting_one', # represents the 'setting_one' key in the 'lights' section

def fr_translations(): return {
  'lights': 'lumières',
  'Control some lights': 'Contrôle des lumières',